Clients: Gamechanger Audio Musical Devices

Gamechanger Audio is a music technology company known for their innovative and groundbreaking guitar effects pedals and cutting-edge music technology.

What we did

Prototype Development: Collaborating closely with Gamechanger Audio, we brought their creative vision to life, crafting visually stunning and robust front panels and solutions for their pedal range, including the Plus Pedal, Light Pedal, Plasma Pedal, Plasma Coil, Plasma Drive, Plasma Rack, and the Motor Synth. Multiple iterations and samples were created to implement Gamechanger Audio's precise design concepts.

Contract Manufacturing: Upon finalizing the design, we took on responsibility for contract manufacturing, producing printed parts and small components such as anti-slip rubbers, labels, and durable front panels. Our manufacturing process incorporated rigorous quality control measures to meet their high standards.

Precision: The MOTOR Synth, the world's first electro-mechanical desktop synthesizer, features a unique motor oscillator engine with eight electro-motors for instant and precise changes in rotation speed to generate musical notes. Each motor includes a specially designed optical disc with three circular tracks for sine, saw, and square waveforms. Achieving unparalleled sound accuracy required exceptional precision in crafting the disc's surface print with minimal tolerances, a challenge skillfully met by our manufacturing partners, SILMOR.

Gamechanger Audio Moder Musical Devices

Feedback: The Complete4 & Silmor team has been of great help in our design and manufacturing needs, in particular for silkscreening, labeling, and custom artwork. I recommend the team for their technical knowledge and willingness to find the best solution and deliver it on time! / Didzis Dubovskis

Gamechanger Audio

Gamechanger Audio

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Project scope

  • Final assembly and fulfillment
  • Sourcing
  • Prototype production