Clients: Catchbox wireless microphone system

The system's unique microphones create an immersive communication experience for all participants, whilst versatile connectivity and networking options ensure that space managers enjoy hassle-free room maintenance at scale.

What we did

Sample Manufacturing: Our team closely collaborated with clients to craft samples for microphone components, including box adaptation and creation of customized side panels, glass front panel, print works around the box as well as creating custom made parts like, various adhesives for assembly, Velcro and dual lock mounting solutions, various overlays for microphone. These prototypes were vital for refining product aesthetics before full-scale production.
Contract Manufacturing: Once the design was finalized, we took care of contract manufacturing these parts with SILMOR as our manufacturing partner.
Final Assembly and Fulfillment: We oversaw the assembly process, securing all components within the designated case using screws and/or adhesives, soldering essential wires and/or components, installing overlays, affixing anti-slip rubber feet, and incorporating other components and accessories. Our diverse services extend to packaging, part warehousing, kitting, PCB integration, and thorough product testing, ensuring a seamless end product.
Quality Control: Our team implemented comprehensive quality control checks throughout the assembly and testing process to guarantee that the final product meets our client's specifications.

Catchbox Wireless Microphone System

Feedback: At Catchbox, we value quality and accuracy very much, so that we are able to deliver high-quality products to our customers. Our cooperation for this product has been very good. We are really satisfied with the quality of the products and services we have received. /Toms Cirvelis

Project scope

  • Prototype production
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Final assembly and fulfillment
  • Quality control