Clients: Strive Moto Introducing Hammerleds

Crash-proof turn signal for motorbike. A product meticulously crafted to endure hard impacts and excel in the face of challenging terrains and wet conditions.

What we did

Sample Manufacturing: Our team of experts collaborated closely with the client. We conducted extensive testing on various batches to determine the optimal assembly procedure and identify the most reliable components. This involved selecting adhesives for mounting the glass lens, sealants for waterproofing the PCB, and other critical adhesives to enhance durability.

Final Assembly and Fulfillment: At the heart of our service was the full assembly of the product. We meticulously managed every step, working with the provided parts to ensure a robust final result. This included securing the PCB to the main body, waterproofing the PCB and LEDs, attaching the lens to the main body with a specially formulated adhesive, sizing and installing anti-chafe wire protection, securing the spring to the main body and adapter, and finally, installing and crimping connectors to wires.

Hammerleds: a solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Final product promises unmatched durability and performance, delivering a superior riding experience in any conditions.

Introducing Hammerleds, that redefines the standard for turn signals.

Feedback: We've had a positive collaboration with Complete4 on the assembly for Hammer LEDs. Despite encountering some challenges along the way, their dedication to quality and efficient assembly processes has been instrumental in the success of our product. The team's ability to navigate and overcome these challenges demonstrates their commitment to delivering excellent results. Overall, it's been a fruitful partnership, and we appreciate their expertise. / Davis Ezers

Project scope

  • Prototype production
  • Final assembly and fulfillment